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Hair Restoration Treatment Cost

A number of factors will affect the total price for a Hair Restoration procedure.

The Arte Novi Clinic specialises in the FUE extraction procedure exclusively. This modern procedure compare favourably to the older FUT strip procedure. In general you will find that the FUE procedure is quoted more than the FUT strip procedure, purely because it is more labour intensive and takes longer to complete in comparison with theFUT strip procedure.

The procedures range from € 2650 (for 500 FUE) to €15800 (for 3500 FUE units). We follow the industry standard reducing the price per FUE graft gradually as the number of FUE grafts increases.

Many times a non-invasive treatment might be more appropriate like the carboxy therapy and PRP - all depends on individual case assessment.

What type of therapy and or what cost this might entail can only really be assessed by a thorough medical examination.





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