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Arte Novi Clinic provides a gold standard service in Ireland and Europe
offering you the services of the only Physician Hair Restoration Surgeon with an ABHRS / IBHRS qualications. Dr. van Eeden passed the American Board examinafions and became only the eighth doctor in Europe to have passed this examination and awarded Diplomate of the ABHRS /IBHRS status. Dr. van Eeden is registered with the Irish Medical Council and the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons.

The Clinic offers you traditional hair transplant services as well as exciting new alternative, less invasive solutions for males and females. Arte Novi Clinic now provides affordable solutions. To book an appointment to consult one of our Physician Hair Restoration Surgeons (Consultation fee + Blood investigations + Microscopic imaging of you scalp and hair included is €150.00 before or on the day of the consultation. To find out more click below.



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