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Our skilled medical practitioners are providing minor surgery services in our clinic. Clients can be referred to the clinic by their own GP or can attend the clinic directly. Our doctor will assess your minor surgical concern and will advice you on the most appropriate intervention indicated. Your diagnosis and treatment will be discussed with you in detail before the procedure. A microscopic assessment of your concern might be done using our state of the art dermatology imaging equipment. 



  • Excision biopsies and/or surgical removal of all minor swellings, growths, moles and warts as advised by the Medical Doctor or on referral by your own GP.

    All removed tissue is sent to a Pathologist for histological assessment. Our Doctors are experienced and skilled in correcting and excising swellings and biopsions using reconstructive and highly skilled surgical techniques to reduce and avoid any scar formation and complications.
  • Minor corrective and reconstructive surgery - for example, the removal of unsightly scar formation after injury, operation or burns.
  • Minor surgery - including the removal of ingrowing toe nails, incision and draining of abcesses and all other minor surgical procedures suitable for day-surgery. 
  • Suturing of minor and major wounds where indicated - surgical emergencies such as lacerations can be dealt with within normal working hours. All our Doctors are experienced and trained in Emergency Medicine and Surgery. Most minor surgical emergencies can be dealt with in our well equiped Theatres. 
  • Aesthetic surgical procedures that require a sterile theatre environment.
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