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The Arte Novi Clinic offers professional medical services dedicated to the special needs of male and female sexual health

All services offered by our Clinic are conducted by qualified Medical Doctors. You can expect the highest level of professionalism, privacy and confidentiality. The concept of the Arte Novi Clinic to provide solutions to promote general health and wellness secures absolute privacy. This is delivered by providing a shared waiting room facility within our Clinics, shared by Clients attending a wide range of services including cosmetic treatments and male and female health consultations. YOU DO NOT NEED A REFERRAL LETTER FROM YOUR GP.


I perform the vasectomy in the standard way in one of our theaters using laser technology to perform a scalpel less procedure. I will offer you best advice considering your personal preferences and considering all the options you will be offered the opportunity to make your final informed decision.

You will be given an opportunity to appraise the consent form prior to the procedure and you are under absolutely no obligation to continue with the procedure. You will further be given an opportunity to finally discuss the procedure, consent form and any of your questions before the procedure commences.  

The procedure is performed in a standard methodology and aftercare will be explained and instructed. The procedure takes about 1 hour including the preparation and pre-med local anesthetic applications. It will only be myself in the theatre and nobody else is allowed. I have a male doctor on standby in the Clinic to assist me if necessary.

I use laser for the surgery and as a result you would experience a great improvement in recovery time as a result of much less tissue damage and bruising to the tissue. The tissue healing is much improved and you might experience far less swelling in comparison to the standard surgical methods. The sutures are all dissolvable and need not be removed unless otherwise instructed. I perform a triple safe technique:

1.     double ligature of the tube at two places about 0,5 cm apart.
2.     excision biopsy of the tube between the 2 ligatures - this goes to the pathology lab and
3.     enveloping the ends of the tubes in the local tissue (forming a "pillowcase" for each end like a blindfold) to keep them permanently apart.

Note: I perform the procedure in a way to allow for a reverse procedure by microsurgery in the future if this is of concern.

I would be advising you to take the next day off work to recover. Recovery usually will be 2-4 days. You can expect the normal bruising and swelling that is associated with the procedure. Pain is usually well controlled with ordinary painkillers if needed. I will issue a medical certificate on your request for recovery time.

Wound inspection post-op is not necessary and you do not have to return for a follow-up unless you prefer to do so. The dissolvable sutures do not need any after-care.

The cost for the procedure also INCLUDES cost for all pathology laboratory examinations for the tissue samples taken. This pathology test report is available to you after our procedure to confirm the Vas Deference (spermatic tubes) on both sides.

You will find clear instructions for the sperm analysis to be performed 3 months after your procedure on the day of your procedure. This is to confirm an infertile ejaculate. The cost of this procedure does not include the cost of this post procedure test. NB - You will still be fertile after the procedure and need to take precaution until such time that your infertility has been confirmed by sperm analysis. There would still be a lot of active sperm in your Uro-genital system after the procedure and you will still be considered fertile when you leave the clinic. It is only over a period of time and after about 3 months and after about at least 30 ejaculations that you would be ready for your infertility sperm analysis.

As a general rule you need to be aware that the color, look, smell, volume and consistency of your ejaculate will change gradually after the procedure. You will still ejaculate as before, but the ejaculate will be a clear - pre-cum like substance in a smaller amount that you would be used to. As a general rule we accept that a vasectomy will not change your libido or the quality of your sexual experience. In many cases this is improved as a result of a reduction in anxiety over the possibility of a pregancy.

You are welcome to request a light sedation anesthetic if you so prefer at no extra cost. This sedation anesthetic is generally used for short procedures and is a great way to reduce the discomfort associated with administering the local anesthetic. If you would like to avail of the sedation anesthetic you need to be 3 HOURS FASTING before the procedure.

 If you would like to discuss the VASECTOMY first you are welcome to book a consultation first with our Doctor. The consultation fee is €60.00 and this is off-set against the procedure price once you get the procedure done (deducted from the procedure price).  You do not have to disclose what the consultation or procedure is about when you call the clinic. When you call ask for a consultation and or procedure for a MALE PROCEDURE. 

If you are sure about the procedure or if you were consulted for the same before you can book the procedure right away. If you want to make an appointment or book the procedure and the theatre you do not have to disclose the reason for your visit - you just have to say you are making the appointment or booking for a male procedure. Request 15 minutes for an appointment. If you are certain about having it done / or coming from afar and want the procedure done at the same time please request 90 minutes.

I will consult you before the procedure in any way and you will have ample time and opportunity to discuss the procedure and any concerns you might have. You are welcome to request contact with Clients who had the procedure done - we will be able to forward your number to references if you would like to speak to someone who had the procedure done in our clinic.
Please visit the websire for further personal references.

5 Star Treatment

You are welcome to contact our Clinic to make an appointment or to book the procedure and theater by calling 018283239. Alternatively you can use the BOOK AN APPOINTMENT link above on the tabs bar to book / request an appointment - please advice your request in the "other message area" - one of our staff members will contact you regarding the same.

Once you have contacted the Clinic our Doctor will personally call you to discuss your concerns and case and you might received a more detailed e-mail information brochure.

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