Our Facilities, Equipment and Technology:

 All minor surgical, medical and aesthetic procedures are performed in one of our fully equipped Theatres or Procedure Rooms.

 The Arte Novi Clinic prides itself on its facilities, equipment and technology, which comply with the highest standards. The theaters and infrasctructure of the Clinic was custom built and comply with the new EU Regulations for Class II and Class III theaters. This ensure that all treatments performed in the procedure rooms are performed in a safe and optimal environment to reduce risks for adverse effects and to improve the patient recovery and experience.

 The Arte Novi Clinic specialises in non-invasive facial and body enhancement treatments and we are proud to rank with the best in the world in this highly specailised field.


 A successful treatment starts with a comprehensive examination, supported by special investigations where appropriate to assist the Clinician to make the best possible informed decissions.

 We are proud to provide unique and world-class diagnostic Equipment and Technology to our Doctors and Clients to ensure the best possible end-result...

Dr Sam van Eeden

Medical Director



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