ARTE NOVI  - "skilled art to create a new person" - from the Latin translation

             ...we want you to look the best you can for as long as possible at an affordable price.

Arte Novi Clinic - a new YOU by skilled Professionals.

The Arte Novi Clinic presents a unique combination of Medical, Surgical and Cosmetic Services to the General Public. Situated in the picturesque village of Malahide, the Clinic specialises in NON-INVASIVE aesthetic procedures and treatments, meeting the needs and expectations of our modern Society in a State of the Art Clinical Environment.

The Clinic is not associated with any specific General or Consultant Medical Practice and referral to the Clinic by your own GP or Consultant is welcomed at all times. Alternatively, you are welcome to visit or call our Clinic directly at your convenience.

All services are provided by Registered Medical Doctors and trained Health Professionals and Technicians. The Arte Novi Clinic prides itself on offering the highest level of professional excellence and we can assure you of a pleasant and refreshing experience with us.

Every Client is consulted and assessed by one of our Team and a Treatment Plan is presented and discussed on an individual basis. The Arte Novi Clinic follows strict Medical and Ethical Conduct in line with the highest international standards of practice. I can assure you that any more specialised surgery or reconstructive procedures will be referred on to a Consultant.

You will be consulted in a Clinical Environment where patient confidentiality and discretion are guaranteed.

General Surgical Services, Microsurgery, Aesthetic and Cosmetic Services are now within your reach … at your fingertips…

Arte Novi… allow our skilled Professionals to create the new YOU...





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